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Lele Lela Pecel Enterprises, established in 2006, started on the franchise in 2009. With 32 existing franchise outlets, these businesses generate a turnover of Rp10 million per day. In other words, the turnover per month from the business pecel catfish reaches approximately Rp3 billion.

Initially, Rangga Umara, restaurant owners Pecel Lele Lela chose catfish as the main raw material in the world's pioneering efforts perkulineran. This bespectacled man said the reason he chose catfish to be the main meal in the restaurant because it was catfish everywhere.

As far as the eye could see on the pavement, stalls pecel catfish from the past until now remained.Although hit by the crisis even catfish still exist until now. By looking at a broad market opportunities father of two children decided to choose catfish steady in early pioneering efforts.

"Why catfish? Since catfish are a lot yes, everywhere there. This indicates that the market is wide., And I learned it fitting for entrepreneurs to start a business that has a lot of reason, the cost for the open market can be suppressed.'s Why I choose catfish. Kan catfish in Indonesia, "said Rangga when encountered in the International Franchise License & the Business Concept Expo conference (IFRA) at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) some time ago.

With initial capital of 3 million, he graduated from the College of Management and Computer Science (STIKMI) Bandung, started this business. Until finally he started the business in 2006, the franchise he could in 2009.

Lela catfish Pecel of significant "More Practice" already has more than 32 franchise outlets throughout Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, Purwokerto, Semarang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Batam, Surabaya, and Palu. As for outlets which he built himself already number eight outlets.

With a varied menu and affordable prices, ranging from Rp 15 thousand to Rp18 thousand, you can sample the varied menu at this Lela pecel catfish. For example, the favorite menu fields and catfish sauce for those who do not like catfish, grilled chicken honey can also be your favorite choice.

With a franchise fee of Rp75 million, you can already do business Pecel Lela catfish and also helped preserve traditional Indonesian food.

In this pioneering efforts fall up felt, so successful as it is today. Courage to get out of the office workers to become entrepreneurs is not easy because she was feeling tired to continue working with other people, because from the outset it Rangga intends to become pangusaha.

By supplying catfish from Bogor, Parung and Karachi every day Pecel catfish tail Jaunty can spend 30, 50 even 70 tail tail or the tail can be up to 100 catfish per day. Rangga too are preparing in order Pecel Lela catfish can go international.

"God willing, maybe later this year we want to bring Pecel Lele Lela could go international, starting from Singapore and Malaysia. Pray, yes," he said.

Vision of Pecel Lele Lela who wants to be a national brand and a market leader in business pecel modern catfish Indonesia and Indonesia to bring traditional foods internationally, Rangga have the confidence to not only satisfied to arrive at a certain point. But keep doing the best I can do.

Rangga Umara, the owner of Pecel Lele "Lela"


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